My Problem With Doors

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Scott D. Southard
Much like Megan, Scott D. Southard grew up with a love of literature and the worlds of the imagination.  Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Scott studied writing at college, receiving his Master's in the subject from the University of Southern California. He is also the author of 3 D More...



Jacob's life changed in a single moment when, as a toddler, he walked through his bedroom door only to find himself in the office of a British officer in Capetown, 1870. This would begin a thirty-year journey which would take him from ancient to future civilizations, and innumerable places and times in between. Through all of his travels, Jacob seeks for the purpose of his predicament, the significance of his life with all of its joys and suffering, loneliness and impermanence.
My Problem with Doors lends itself very well to young male readers—an often under-approached readership. Adolescent and young adult boys will love living vicariously through Jacob as he uses his wit and battle skills to conquer foes, commandeer a pirate ship and even fall in love. Through a yearning for adventure, these readers will also learn a bit of history and be compelled to contemplate the deeper meaning that exists within the story’s action-packed pages.” -

Highly Entertaining - [My Problem With Doors] features rousing action that should appeal to young adult male readers as well as absorbing, thought-provoking tale - Rob Walsh, Lansing State Journal

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