Mystery, Deceit and a School Inspector

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By Bryony Allen

Publisher : Pneuma Springs

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Bryony Allen
Bryony was born in Enfield but spent most of her youth growing up in the North East of the UK near to Hartlepool before moving southwards again. She now lives in the remote wilds of Suffolk with her husband, four children and two dogs and cats where she is also a teacher. She has always e More...


Bryony Allen's witty and humorous fictional book

Mystery Deceit and a School Inspector.

 Here is the scene.

"Was it murder or was it an accident?
If it was murder, who was responsible?
Whatever it was, what are they meant to do about it?"
Beaver's Brook Primary School is the subject of a justifiably scathing Ofsted inspection, which rips apart the school and its inhabitants, wrapping them in mystery and deceit.

As an inspector is found dead in the staff room, the fragile lives of the teachers are held to scrutiny and ridicule. Their hopes and aspirations decompose beneath a tirade of no-holds-barred mockery, in which love, ambition, jealousy, passion, guilt and innocence collide with disastrous consequences.

I actually started writing my debut novel, "Mystery, Deceit and a School Inspector" back in 2001, then it got put on a back burner as domestic life and work took over. I got my inspiration for it from work, and my school had also just undergone an Ofsted inspection. I just started thinking, "What would happen if..." and it went on from there. Obviously none of the characters are real people! I just took some of the more obvious character traits of people I know or knew, whether at work, socially or just by reputation, then blew them up to bigger proportions and added a bit of adult 'spice' and humour to the proceedings. When I come up with an idea, I try to visualise it as if it is happening on a screen. Then I write down what I see and feel, as well as what I want other people to see and feel. Usually, I try to picture characters in a certain setting and think about how they would react. I hope that with this particular piece of work I have given people a book that is original, different and at the same time entertaining.

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5.0 out of 5 starsA razor-sharp lesson, 11 Nov 2010
A Cheshire Lad (Rural Cheshire, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Mystery, Deceit and a School Inspector (Paperback)
"Mystery, Deceit and a School Inspector" is a book that doesn't "mess around" for a moment.

Each paragraph, densely-packed with Allen's razor-sharp speedy feminine wit draws (partly) from her own experiences in the classroom.
Bryony doesn't pay too many compliments. From the outset, in setting the scene for the novel, using her detailed character-study sarcasm she highlights the cast's imperfections to hilarity. And judging by her depth of verbal ammunition, Bryony is hardly someone you would want to argue with.
Sometimes I did feel sorry for some, (but again in another schoolyard parallel) only in moments when I wasn't laughing at them.
"Mystery" is genuinely hilarious for everyone broadminded with the exception perhaps of school staff members about to undergo intrusive inspections themselves.
Thank goodness that this is only fiction.
Read it one page at a time and laugh properly this time at those people we've all met before.
Five stars.

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4.0 out of 5 starsEntertaining and amusing read, 18 July 2010
This review is from: Mystery, Deceit and a School Inspector (Paperback)

Mystery Deceit and a School Inspector
by Bryony Allen
Edition: Paperback
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An entertaining and amusing read, July 15, 2010

This review is from: Mystery Deceit and a School Inspector (Paperback)
I found the first chapter quite hard going and difficult to remain focused on the story line, however by the time I got to chapter 2 I was hooked and couldn't put the book down!

Obviously certain events are taken from the authors own life experiences both through work and were she lives. Her sense of humour and personality shone through from the beginning. Not the sort of book I would normally read - stumbled upon it while looking for something else and glad I did! I think people who work with children in one way or another where Ofsted are concerned will find this a very appropriate and amusing novel. Well worth reading. I look forward to further novels from this author!

5.0 out of 5 stars Seriously Enjoyable, 4 Jun 2008
A school inspector is found dead in the staff room, was it foul play or child's play? Who is responsible? Beaver's Brook Primary School is the subject of a justifiably scathing ofsted inspection. The lives of the teachers are held up to scrutiny and ridicule. Their hopes and aspirations decompose like the dead body beneath a tirade of shameless mockery. A highly enjoyable novel. I really love this author's sense of humour, I think most teachers/educators will enjoy and appreciate this novel.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Witty and different, 30 Dec 2009
I personally really liked this book, parts of it made me chuckle, especially the part where the head teacher is described in great detail in the first chapters. 
The book starts by setting the scene, the staff members are all introduced, each with their own particular mannerisms and I found the writer's use of wit and humour throughout the novel to be just right considering that the story is also primarily in the mystery genre. The school which has its own issues is to undergo a dreaded Ofsted inspection which has the staff at sixes and sevens. 
Things get interesting when the inspector (who isn't nice and spikes of Arthur Daley) is found dead at the school and then the finger pointing starts and the stress levels go through the roof! 

The plot unravels nicely and I found that I didn't quite expect some of the outcomes which also made for a nice page turner; I wanted to keep reading to get to the finale. The writer has also thrown in a few eye openers for good measure which added to the whole reading experience for me, I thought this was superbly done. 
I think many readers would enjoy this refreshingly different story centred on what we have all known (primary school) and it also makes you think about what pressures exist for the modern day teacher when school inspectors decide to call. I would expect anyone that has been around teaching to especially enjoy this book as well as all general mystery readers, it's certainly different. 

If I have to draw on anything towards criticism it would only be that the first couple of chapters seem to drag slightly, to some this may be a bit annoying, however I saw this as necessary to understanding the plot. At least I knew what and who the writer was referring to later in the book. Make your own mind up in the look inside feature which has the first chapter available to read. 

I will personally look forward to further books from this writer. 

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