Children's Books

By Eileen Cianciolo

Publisher : I AM Possible, LLC

ABOUT Eileen Cianciolo

Eileen Cianciolo



I AM is a beautifully illustrated childrens book that describes the law of attraction in a simple and inspirational message.   My goal is to share I AM with the world.

We each have the power within us to create our lives, our experience and our reality. Who we are is as simple as what we choose to think and feel in every moment.
Believe, with all of your being, that you are Beauty, Love, Peace, Joy, Health, Prosperity, Abundance and Magnificence! It's who you're created to be. Believe it, feel it and live it!

I used to think of myself as not “being creative”, which I now find so ironic since we are all “creative beings”. I changed my mind. It was the middle of a work day, in between conference calls. I called a good friend to wish her Happy 50th Birthday. She began talking about how quickly life goes by and the many things she had wanted to do in life, like write a book. She said to me “how hard can it be to write a book or a poem”. I got off the phone and I wrote a poem. I don’t remember much about writing the poem. However I do know this, it didn’t come from me, but rather through me. It came from a power within me that is within us all. The universal power that connects everyone and everything. This is the truth of which I AM. Each person is a story and each day, each moment, we decide what the next chapter is going to be. Therefore, we are all creative. We create our lives and experience in every moment in every choice we make. I was so amazed and uplifted by the experience and the poem that I wanted to share it with others. I shared it. I opened up and shared I AM with friends and family. Several people made the suggestion “you should make this into a children’s book”. I thought about it and thought about it. I followed my intuition, the voice and power within us, and took the first step. After taking that initial step, I let it be and everything fell perfectly into place. I sat with my daughter and we imagined what the illustrations should be on each page of I AM. Anyone could take the poem and create their own I AM story. This is what we all do everyday of our lives. We conceive in our minds what the pages of our story will be. This fundamental principle is the truth of the Universe. As you think, so shall you be, I think, therefore I AM, or I AM, therefore I think. The result is the beautiful hard cover self published book which was created from the power of the Universe that is within all. My dream, my passion, my truth is to share I AM with the world. To help to create a world of dreams so that all know, feel, and live in the awareness of the power that connects us.