How to Be a Good Parent: By Dealing Effectively with the Most Common Behavioral Problems of Children

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By Don Fontenelle

Publisher : Selfhelp Success Books

ABOUT Don Fontenelle

Don Fontenelle
Don H. Fontenelle received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Oklahoma State University and has practiced in the profession for more than a quarter-century. He has spent most of his career treating children, parents, and teachers. He has authored thirteen books on the subject, some of w More...



Children are not born knowing how to behave properly. They require guidance and discipline. Nationally recognized clinical psychologist Don Fontenelle arms parents with established methods that improve child behavior and reduce household stress. Fontenelle instructs parents on how to raise kids to be happy, well-adjusted adults. This comprehensive guide covers basic techniques for parenting children of all ages. Using behavior modification, Fontenelle emphasizes alternate discipline and stresses the importance of effective communication between parent and child. As children and adolescents undergo phases of development, they often grow out of certain inappropriate behaviors. Therefore, it is important for parents to recognize when problems will diminish with regular discipline and when stronger intervention is required. The first section of Fontenelle's guide includes twelve chapters, which focus on identifying behaviors and how to counteract common misbehavior. In the second and third sections, he presents frequent parental anxieties in two categories, general and specific concerns. Fontenelle provides multiple examples of behaviors and solutions based on his twenty-five years of experience, covering a wide range of issues, from depression and anger to immaturity and manipulation to ADD and obsessive-compulsive characteristics. The author gives every parent the resources to make raising children a more productive experience.