How to Live with Your Children

Excerpts & Samples

By Don Fontenelle

Publisher : Selfhelp Success Books

ABOUT Don Fontenelle

Don Fontenelle
Don H. Fontenelle received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Oklahoma State University and has practiced in the profession for more than a quarter-century. He has spent most of his career treating children, parents, and teachers. He has authored thirteen books on the subject, some of w More...



Every parent knows that dealing with children on a daily basis is not always easy. Frustrations can mount and it is often easier to opt for temporary sanity than to discipline unruly offspring. However, there is a more permanent solution within reach. Don H. Fontenelle, a clinical psychologist, provides parents with a few basic concepts and offers examples to demonstrate how they can be applied in every situation. By emphasizing a predetermined set of rewards and punishments, children learn about consequences and become more responsible for their own actions. This is a lesson the author believes is important for a manageable household. Short chapters and subheadings make this book a quick reference for a myriad of situations. Sections touch on a wide range of issues, including fear, physical and emotional disabilities, bedtime problems, and teenage behavior. Children can develop bad habits that progress over time and inhibit growth and maturity. A child who is raised with stable, recognizable boundaries will not only be well disciplined, but will develop a healthy self-esteem, a strong sense of responsibility, and an increased learning capacity. The author shows families how this is possible. Fontenelle admits that although numerous problems can be solved and behaviors can be adjusted with the techniques provided, there are cases that require special attention. Some situations are simply childhood phases while other issues may be indicators of more severe problems. Keeping this in mind, he also advises on when to seek counseling, hire a tutor, or opt for special education classes.