Princess Andrea's Birthday Surprise

Children's Books

By Ginny Christensen

Publisher : Mirror Publishing

ABOUT Ginny Christensen

Ginny Christensen
I am a California native, mother of two, work full time at a law firm, and write in the wee hours of the night. My published works include two children's picture books (Nicky's Nocturnal Octopus and Princess Andrea's Birthday Surprise). Mr. Maloof, There's No Place Like Home, is a Chapter More...


Come Join The Party, as Princess Andrea celebrates her 8th Birthday.   

Andrea is given a special present and her friends all think it is so neat.  She also receives a book so that she can learn all about her new pet duck, which she names Baby Chuck.  Baby Chuck brings Andrea much delight and as her love for it grows and grows, so does its curiosity.  Baby Chuck goes exploring through the house, but its mischievous nature gets him into TROUBLE!  The dreaded day finally comes when Andrea must say good-bye to Baby Chuck.  Andrea is so sad, because its the first pet that she ever had.  

Will Andrea be able to overcome her unhappiness?  

This book was written for my daughter and is about a pet duck she used to have and the mischief it got into!

Princess Andrea's Birthday Surprise by Ginny Christensen is a heartwarming tale about what Andrea gets for her eighth birthday. I found this to be a really cute story for any little girl around the ages of 6 to 7 years old. Although there is a small editing issue I will be recommending this book to a school librarian that I know. (Carol Langstroth )

When Andrea woke up the morning of her birthday, she was so excited for her princess birthday party. When she got her present, a baby duck, she was overjoyed. Soon, however, the baby duck grew, and was causing problems. Saddened, Andrea knew it was time to set the duck free, but not before giving the duck a present. This children’s picture book, targeted for girls age four to eight, is told in a rhyming format. I’m not so sure about the duck as a gift, as a parent myself, I was wondering what her parents were thinking, but it demonstrated the boundaries of wildlife captivity on a child’s level. The illustrations were beautiful and the poetic format of the book flowed smoothly. I really loved the duck facts at the end of the book. Princess Andrea’s Birthday Surprise, is a sad, sweet, and memorable story for children.  

Kelly Moran, Author & Reviewer