Ladybug and Caterpillar: The Way to Friendship

Children's Books

By Rosie Pova

Publisher : PublishAmerica

Ladybug and Caterpillar: The Way to Friendship

ABOUT Rosie Pova

Rosie Pova
  Rosie Pova is a mother of three,  living in Dallas, Texas. Born in Bulgaria in 1975, Rosie started writing in her early adolescent years and she has always had a passion for creativity, taking on different projects. Since becoming a mom, Rosie has turned her focus on writing children More...



When a lonely caterpillar asks to be friends with a ladybug, he is upset when she answers that he is too ugly to be her friend. Soon after that he turns into a gorgeous butterfly and Ladybug, not realizing it is the same insect, wants to be his friend. Ladybug is surprised and ashamed when she realizes her actions. She apologizes and they are both happy to be friends. The lesson here is that choosing a friend based on his appearance is not the right way to finding true friendship. Beauty also comes from within: kindness and goodwill are not visible on the outside, but the beauty of the heart is what really counts.

In todays world, with superficiality all around us, how do we teach our kids the right values? We start early on, with quality picture books, like 'Ladybug and Caterpillar: The Way to Friendship'. The story is about finding true friendship based on "the beauty of the heart", not outside appearances. This book is for children and parents alike who appreciate a nice story and a good message.

"Ladybug andCaterpillar [TheWaytoFriendship] isathoughtfulpiecewritteninflowingrhymesthatreaderswillfindengaging. Childrenwilleasilyrelatetotheconceptofwantingtomakefriends, andadultswillappreciatethelessonsimpartedonsuperficialityandnotjudgingothersbytheirappearance. Pova writeswithapoeticallyexpressivepen. Sheexpressesheartfeltsentimentsthroughengagingcharactersandcolorfuldetails…”