Arthur the Talking Goat

Children's Books

By Daisy Cromwell

Publisher : Mirror Publishing

ABOUT Daisy Cromwell

Daisy Cromwell
Having been raised on a cotton, corn and tobacco farm near Smithfield,NC, I learned the value of hard work. Not only does it bear fruit but it also brings joy, plus the fact that getting your hands in the soil is very theraputic. When I became an "empty nester", I went into real  More...



Arthur is a white Angora goat who lived on a farm owned by Tom. However, Tom is moving to a city far away and cannot take Arthur with him. Tom wonders what is he going to do with Arthur. He puts an ad in the paper to find a new owner. His new owners, Sam and Sally, fall in love with Arthur and teach him to talk.

We needed some animals for our small farm. We saw an ad in the paper for some goats. One of the goats was named Arthur. He love to be talked to and petted. One day my son went to the apple tree to get some apples and he thought that Arthur might like an apple. So, he went to Arthur's pen and kept talking to Arthur and telling him to say "apple". When he made a noise like "apple", my son gave him an apple. He came back to the house and said "Mom, Arthur can talk. He said 'apple'! You ought to write a book about that." and I did.