Beyond Salvation

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Darcia Helle

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Darcia Helle

Darcia Helle
I write because the characters in my head leave me no alternative. All of my books are available on my website - - as well as Amazon, Smashwords, Sony's Reader store and Barnes and Noble.



A religious cult offers salvation to the lost and the lonely. But for the youth in their grasp, simple obedience is not an option. They submit—or die.

Michael Sykora’s mission to find a missing teen leads him into the depths of the depraved web. And saving the girl is no longer his singular intent. Now he plans to take down the entire cult and expose its leaders' madness.

Sometimes you need a killer to face off against evil.

Kids run away for a variety of reasons but, whatever those reasons, many of them become lost and forgotten. Not all churches are about love, forgiveness, and guidance. What happens when a religious cult decides which of the lost teens deserves salvation? And who will save those the cult deems unworthy?

When teen runaway Sara disappears, her friends solicit the help of The Ghost, Michael Sykora, in finding her. A software designer by day and hit man by night, Michael has a well-earned reputation for disposing of degenerate rapists, murderers, and other criminals who manage to beat the system while their victims are left to suffer. Finding the lost is not something with which Michael has ever been tasked, but he agrees to do so as a favor for his close friend, Nicki - who shares an intimate history with Sara's friends.

As the search for Sara proceeds, Michael and Nicki are soon introduced to a dark underworld of religious cults and twisted perversity, not to mention the usual debauched criminal element, resulting in a tortuous journey through the dark depths of society's dregs - and the warped folkways and mores of those who reside there...

The follow up to No Justice, the initial installment in the Michael Sykora series, Beyond Salvation is every bit as riveting and compelling as its predecessor. Once again, author Darcia Helle proves her masterful ability to combine well-crafted suspense with inimitable characters to create an unforgettable story of struggle, pain, and ultimate redemption. No matter the challenges he may face, Michael's tenacity and resolve are sure to inspire readers who can relate to his personal crusade to provide justice for the nameless, voiceless masses victimized both by criminals and the flawed system that too often turns a blind eye to their crimes. Also, Helle writes with a keen eye toward the darker side of our collective human nature, offering up a stinging - yet accurate - commentary on the problems that continue to plague us as a society.

Another instant classic by a quickly rising literary star, Beyond Salvation is an immensely satisfying, rewarding read. Highly recommended.

Renee Washburn
Apex Reviews