The Gods of War

General Fiction

By Peter Jessop

Publisher : Black Leaf Publishing

ABOUT Peter Jessop

Peter Jessop
A freelance writer, based in Melbourne, Australia where he was born and raised, Peter Jessop commenced his career at St. Martins Theatre, before proceeding to work in the production field of mini TV series and feature Films, and finally progressing to screenplay writing.   His passion f More...



When John Fawcett wakes up in a London hospital towards the end of World War II he is unsure as to his real identity.   Is he really the Greek Warrior Bashilek whose prowess with his spear took so many Roman lives?   And where does the name Fawcett come into it?


As his body begins to heal, so John’s mind begins to play more tricks on him, conjuring up fantasies in which he becomes different people engaging in combats in some of the greatest Wars throughout the Centuries.  Countless names flash before him as he battles throughout the ages up to the coming of the second Dark Age in 2256 and a possible future Third World War.  From spears to muskets, bows and arrows to bayonets, he brandishes them all in exciting and exhilarating reconstructions superbly described by Author Peter Jessop.


An adventure tale with a difference containing mystery, thought-provoking messages, adventures and

intrigue, all cleverly packaged in this hugely entertaining and stirring novel.   This book is exceedingly hard to put down, and grabs the imagination and attention of the reader from the very first chapter.


Superbly written, this is a high quality fantasy read……..or is it all fantasy?   Read it and find out. You will not be disappointed.