Richthofen’s Knight

General Fiction

By David Falash

Publisher : Black Leaf Publishing

ABOUT David Falash

David Falash
I've had a lifelong passion for all things history, especially WWI and WWII aviation. "Emerald Ace" is the first book in the Mick Gallagher series, detailing the exploits of a young Irish patriot with a fervent hatred of the British Empire and a love for flying. In "Emerald  More...



Following on the heels of its prequel, “Emerald Ace”, this highly-charged wartime adventure story of  teenager Mick Gallagher, dedicated to fighting for a free and independent Ireland, proceeds at the same break-neck speed.

Mick’s story began in 1917 when he went into service with the Red Baron’s famed Flying Circus the war-torn skies above Europe.  The opening of “Richthofen’s Knight” finds him a prisoner of war with no means of escaping with his life.  However, the indomitable spirit of this  fearless young fighter pilot is not to be beaten and he survives to take the reader on another action-packed series of  incredible escapades guaranteed to keep his audience enrapt.

A brilliant, engrossing read from start to finish, the suspense is masterfully retained throughout, and once begun this book is very hard to put down.

David Falash is a most erudite writer with a distinct talent for keeping his readers engrossed and on the edge of their seats. He is currently working on his third book in this Trilogy, and we expect to see much more of this very worthy author in the future.