The Warriors: The Beginning

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Melissa Gromley
I am a young woman living in Niles, OH with family. I have been writing for several years with my first fantasy novel The Warriors: The Beginning being self-published by Outskirts Press in a test to see what it would be like.

 I enjoy writing fantasy, and twisting events, plot More...



The Warriors: The Beginning is a fantasy novel based on a prophecy that brings eight teenagers together. These teenagers struggle to balance life and school while preparing themselves to battle against the evil Tutock who desires to control Earth as if he were a god. Meeting a Mystic they engage in intense training and learn to accept their destiny. Their training leads them to claim mystical armors which they will need to battle Tutock.

At the same time, Tutock's Guardians prepare to fight against them. But which side will win? Will it be the Warriors? Or will it be Tutock and his Guardians? Only time will tell.

The Warriors: The Beginning began as a simple idea in my head when I was around 16 years old. I first started writing the story when I was seventeen, adding onto the characteristics and adding new characters to the storyline the more I wrote. Inspired by several sources such as Stephen King's Firestarter, TLC, the musical group, very popular in the 90s, and having a infatuation for the cartoon series Dragon Flyz and the Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, I wrote the entire novel of The Warriors, depicting it into a fantasy theme held within a modern day world. Each character has taken me ten years to flesh out, and with so many characters in one book, I admit it was overwhelming. But I wanted to write a novel where the heroes suffer with the thought of defeat and death, where the enemy may win after all. I wanted to write a novel that would shout to teenagers and adults that even if you have a great responsibility, and you have other tasks you must do, someone knows and understands it. They've been there before. On top of that, I also thought to myself, what if one man had become powerful enough to create his own world, becoming god of that world, but now wanted to become god of the Earth? And what if he began with the United States, using his own men to aid him in his quest. Only the Warriors have been chosen for this task. And after a full ten years of writing, the book was finally published, out of curiosity to see what it would be like, and to see if I can do it. The journey continues on and Flash, Thunder, Scorpio, T-boz, Shades, Ice, Chilie, and Snow have raised their weapons against the evil of Tophet. Are you ready to stand behind them? Or will you side with Tutock and his evil Guardians? Choose wisely, for Tutock's evil and cruelty is without bounds.

This novel brings a compelling story about eight teenagers struggling to be super-heroes and students at the same time. It begins with a man who is an old Japanese Monk traveling to find the eight Warriors who could defeat the oncoming evil Tucktock and his evil residence of Tophet. It gets very interesting when they all meet up for the first time; them being from different countries makes it even the more merrier and interesting. Lack of action is made up for with the personality of the characters and the in-depth feels of the fears that envelope them as they journey through getting to their set of armors. With will-power, and determination they finally face off with the Guardians of Tophet.

With some hilarity in store, it's an ominous, potent, strong-willed and great novel that strikes young kids everywhere. Although at the beginning it's a little choppy and it seems a tad fast, it still seems to capture the attention of the characters persona and struggles. As time goes on, you're thrust into a world of sheer extraordinary power and satisfying character development and finally at the end; action. You start to learn about the necessity of the armors and interesting powers they have. Creativity at its best!



Melissa Gromley's first novel The Warriors speaks to the question all teenagers ask themselves, "Am I a superhero sent to defeat the evil bent on plunging the world into darkness?" This is believable theme for young adult fiction. In this way, the eight young characters and their heroic struggle reminds me of other young adult fiction with similar dark themes. Scott Westerfeld's Midnighters Series works this way with its dark and brooding characters searching for their identity while simultaneously mastering their powers.

The scenes of The Warriors make me think I'm reading a script for a movie or TV series because of the focus on action, the clear divisions between good and evil, and the attention to detail. I think anyone who likes Fantasy/SciFi Action movies will quickly identify with and pull for these eight young heroes in Gromley's world. I know I did.

Mr. James Canacci: Kent State Trumbull


You have targeted the clients you've had in mind, teenagers. It's a very good book for teens to read.

It's a good start to an author's first book.

The character I liked out of them the best was actually Chilie. She was still able to keep in mind of who she was even after she claimed her armor.

Brandi Solheim


This book is something everyone should read; its strong on everything humans should have everyday in their lives. If you think very carefully, you can find very special effects in this story that really gives you a new experience everytime you pick it up and read it.
The Warriors: The Beginning is a book that everyone should most defintely read. A book beyond all the other's I have ever read.
A capturing and high-life staking story and wonderful plot that leaves you wanting for more! ^^
Yeah, go Melissa Gromely!!

Adrienne Aguinaldo


Thunder Copiel rocks!