The Adventures of Rufus the Red

Children's Books

By Hugh Harrison

Publisher : pen press

The Adventures of Rufus the Red

ABOUT Hugh Harrison

Hugh Harrison
Hello, I am writing this on the behalf of hugh, as Hugh is partially sighted. Hugh, is sadly disabled with Chronic On going Osteo-athritis of the lumbar spine, hips and knees, also deaf and Partillay sighted. We both live in the uk . Hugh has written his first ever childrens book. The Adve More...



A wonderful childrens Adventure book for boys 6-9 years old. Mail order through us only.
The Adventures of Rufus the red is an action-packed tale that revolves around a plucky young red squirrel,as he and his family battle against their grey rivals to keep their home in the woods. Helped by an assortment of birds and other animals,including Group Captain peter Pidgeon,Rear Admiral Cyril swan, Captain Ron Rabbit and the rather snoooty Ossie the otter, they are determined to win the day against the fierce opposition led by the evil brian