The Gymnastics of Love & Discipline, A Parental Template for Giving Children a Voice

Parenting & Families

By Bruce Benko

Publisher : ABC's Press

ABOUT Bruce Benko

Bruce Benko
Bruce Benko, grew up in the small town of Truckee, California, near Lake Tahoe. In 1987 he decided to pursue a career teaching gymnastics, and moved to Houston, Texas. He found people whom he considered the best in the fields of education and gymnastics and made their work his “classroom More...



Parents often make mistakes with their children because they’re rushed, worried, and already afraid of making mistakes. The Gymnastics of Love & Discipline, A Parental Template for Giving Children a Voice, will help you regain your loving relationship with your child through a simple but powerful, method of speaking and listening. Bruce Benko shares the wisdom he has gained over the course of twenty-five years, teaching more than 10,000 children, counseling thousands of parents, and working with over one-hundred educators, to help parents learn how to implement strategies and techniques that will give their child a Voice—the ability to express their needs and to help them protect themselves with their words.

These same methods also gave Bruce the Power—the ability to react to a child’s behavior in a way that brings understanding, mutual respect, and ultimately, the desired behavior.

Here are some of the simple but powerful tools this book will give you:

  • How to stay calm so you can gain your child’s trust
  • How to learn from your child’s perspective
  • How to learn when your child is scared of you
  • How to use Child’s Currency so they learn by loss of items

Other strategies:

  • How to persuade your child to tell you the truth
  • How to help your child use their words
  • How to reach your child when they give you a blank stare
  • How to get your child to respond the first time you ask

Being diagnosed with an auto immune disease in 2002 created me to see what I had been given in life- information. During my rehabilitation I did as people had hoped, wrote a book about my insights, experiences, and philosophy on children's behaviors, and techniques and strategies proven to help correct any child's behavior. 7 years later, I have finally finished my long journey; I present to you my work.

This book about child discipline tempered with love and discipline will resonate with every parent of young children.  Easy to read, it suggests parental techniques (or strategies) certain to succeed.

Kay Albrecht, Ph.D.
Innovations in Early Childhood Education, Inc., author, teacher educator, child and family development specialist

Bruce Benko's... understanding of how a child thinks and processes our words and behaviors is essential to becoming effective parents… Each of us has a responsibility to LEARN how to parent in the best possible way – with love and respect; understanding that at times our emotions get the better of us.

Susan L. Schmidt, MC NCC
Director,, National Child Abuse Hotline

If you are in the proximity of children, if you breathe the same air as children, even if you see a child on the horizon you must get this book. Not just read it, but incorporate its wise advice into your interaction with the world’s weakest and most vulnerable citizens. This book offers a strong and clear hope to illuminate, educate and bring a long overdue healthy change. If you are serious and want to mend or build meaningful lasting relationships that benefit all, this book is a wise investment for now and for future generations. The book may cost a few dollars however in my opinion, the information is priceless.

Rev. Charles Wayne Kolb 


In comparison to Discipline with Love and Logic, I found The Gymnastics of Love and Discipline: A Parental Template for Giving Children a Voice to be more effective in providing many examples, answers to important questions, and powerful in speaking and listening techniques. This easy-to-read professional guide is packed with helpful tips and parental techniques, crucial to raising children through a healthy relationship with understanding, and success. 

Geri Ahearn