Shy Sharon

Children's Books

By Betty Cain

Publisher : Bedford Publications

ABOUT Betty Cain

Betty Cain
Betty Ward Cain is a published author, musician and retired teacher. She is listed in the Cambridge who’s who.  Mrs. Cain taught kindergarten students for 30 years.  She comes from a long line of ministers, musicians, teachers and song writers.Mrs. Cain grew up in a minister’s home. More...



This is a chapter book for ages 8-12. Sharon is a very shy little girl who tries to overcome her handicap.  Simple things like going to school, buying a loaf of bread, or just making friends is a trauma when you are shy.  Learn what Sharon does to overcome her fears.  Sharon does a lot of growing up and becomes the person God intended for her to be.  This 90 page chapter book is for anyone who has ever had to overcome shyness or deal with situations that are uncomfortable.  Most children can relate to some of the situations Sharon faces. This story is autobiographical.




This is a fictionalized autobiography. I changed the name to Shy Sharon instead of Bashful Betty.

Please let me know what you think of the excerpts and trailer.