General Fiction

By Salvatore Buttaci

Publisher : All Things That Matter Press

ABOUT Salvatore Buttaci

Salvatore Buttaci
A retired teacher, I write daily in order to satisfy my writing addiction.  This is a habit I have had since childhood and for which I have no intention of seeking help. My work has appeared widely here and abroad.

My newest book, a collection of 164 short-short stories, called More...


Flashing My Shorts is a collection of 164 flash-fiction stories that runs the gamut from humor to horror with everything in between.  These quick but thought-out writes have become quite popular today.  They tend to accommodate readers on the go who lack the luxury of sitting down for long periods of reading.  Like patrons at a smorgasbord, they can taste a little of this fine dish and a little of that and not go hungry.  The stories Buttaci flashes in his book can, on one page, make readers laugh, and on the next, cry.  Based upon the rave reviews of buyers of the book at Amazon.com, Flashing My Shorts is well worth the read!

I have always wanted to write the kind of book busy readers with little time for reading would enjoy. They say writers write what they know. Adding to that, I say that writers write what they themselves enjoy. As for me, I love the quick read. The story under 1,000 words. A book filled with many of these flashes that cover all kinds of genres and themes: humor, horror, time travel, alternate history, crime, love, fantasy. One day at my computer the title Flashing My Shorts popped into my head. I decided to write a book to fit the title! And judging from positive reviews at Amazon.com, I would say there are many busy writers out there who are looking for just this book of mine to bring them 164 gems of reading pleasure!

Salvatore Buttaci masters the short form in his new collection Flashing My Shorts. The stories here are spare but powerful, and each is injected with Buttaci's quick wit, sharp insight, and the sort of emotional depth that causes a reader to pause, for just a moment, before reading on, wanting more.

Buttaci has a delicate touch with his pen and he's fantastic at telling stories, stories with wide range and the commonality of insight, humor and strong resolution. Buy the book for yourself, buy a copy for a friend and get ready to enjoy what a strong short story collection can offer: utter entertainment in bite-sized bits. I like to think of these stories the way I think of those portion-controlled, pre-packaged desserts: when I'm done with one, why not another?   (J.L. Knox, Musical Chairs)

Sal never fails to open doors for his readers into the hidden emotions found in small corners of everyday life. Told through the eyes of characters that may as well be a favorite auntie, grandmother or best friend, Sal's stories are certain to capture your spirit. His prose is lighthearted, inviting and demonstrates what a deft touch can do for a wonderful tale. A born story teller, Sal will capture the hearts of new readers and warm those of his existing fans. You are always in for a treat with his work.     (Michael Solender; an editor of Full of Crow Quarterly)

Salvatore Buttaci has a warm sense of humor, but he can cut to the bone when he wants to be seriously dramatic. There are more than 160 flash fictions in this collection of various stripes and colors. You won't be disappointed. In fact, I'll wager you will be eagerly awaiting Mr. Buttaci's next collection because, well, you know how fast flashes go. Take this book on vacation and dip into it at random, read and reread. Enjoy his sparkling wit.   BTW, the title is a keeper.   (Michael Brown; Mexico)

I feel that Salvatore Buttaci, author of Flashing My Shorts is one of the best writers of his time. His amazing talent is not only in his short story telling, but he is well versed in all types of poetry form. I, as an author of spiritual, fiction, science/fiction, and poetry am amazed by Buttaci's talent. I recommend wholeheartedly Salvatore Buttaci's new book Flashing My Shorts. You as the reader will not be disappointed.  (Nancy Lee Shrader, author of Haiku Smiles)