General Fiction

By Anieshea Dansby

Publisher : Art Official Media LLC

ABOUT Anieshea Dansby

Anieshea Dansby
Anieshea Dansby is a debut author. She attended Community College of Philadelphia for 2 1/2 years and she graduated from Lincoln Tech with a certificate in Pharmacy Technician. Certified by the PTCB, she currently works as a Sales Associate. Born and raised in Philly, where she lives with  More...


Eighteen-year-old Joy, a naive girl who found something else to fill the void in her life left by a broken heart and her parents? death.

Going purely off of instinct, she survives using what she discovers is the key to getting what she wants: the power of Nookie.

She becomes far removed from the downside of her life that left her stranded when things start to look up. Suddenly, she?s able to live her life like a queen, with no worries.

But will life in the fast lane leave her set for life, or will it all crumble before her nineteenth birthday?

"Cleverly crafted...slick and engaging." --Apex Reviews (

"I recommend this book to all the young teens that think their parents are too strict." --Apooo Books (

"Instead of the typical drug addicted or poor parents Ms. Dansby went against the norm with her venture into Deborah Williams' mental illness."

( --The Urban Book Source