The Baby Snooks Scripts

General Fiction, Humor

By Ben Ohmart

Publisher : BearManor Media

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Ben Ohmart
Author of many voice actor biographies, including Alan Reed, (the coming) Mel Blanc, Paul Frees, Daws Butler, Walter Tetley and Don Ameche.



It's too funny to pass up. Phil Rapp's humor is still in style. Anyone can relate to Snooks' questioning of her poor daddy about - EVERYTHING. The problem child is back. - Laura Wagner/Classic Images
The Baby Snooks Scripts! The first time in print, these old time radio scripts by Philip Rapp are taken from otr's golden age shows: Maxwell House Coffee Time, Good News, and more. These are not transcriptions, but the original scripts, sometimes vastly different from broadcast-draft scripts, since Rapp would often revise a script three times before it aired.

I've been an old radio fan for years. It's been my supreme pleasure to edit scripts of one of the funniest shows ever - Baby Snooks!