Cars from a Marriage

General Fiction, Family & Relationships

By Debra Galant

Publisher : St. Martin's Press

ABOUT Debra Galant

Debra Galant


An “auto-biography” of a marriage from the highly acclaimed author who deftly navigates the lives of one suburban couple with humor and insight

From a ’74 Mustang to a Chevy Suburban, Debra Galant’s Cars from A Marriage charts the important events—big and small—in one couple’s relationship by way of the automobiles that drive them throughout the course of their lives. Ivy is a transplanted Southern belle—the daughter of a car salesman— who continually wonders how she has ended up a New Jersey stay-at-home mom with a not-so-secret fear of driving. Her husband Ellis was a stand up comedian when they met, and the owner of that ’74 Mustang, but his ambitions were overshadowed by the responsibilities of a family. In the blink of an eye he became a PR executive with a mortgage, two kids, and a Buick LeSabre.


The cars steer us from their first meeting, to their first fight, and down the line to a family funeral. Finally, it’s on a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway that Ivy and Ellis come to some serious and illuminating realizations about their lives. With insights that alternate between hilarious and profound, Galant provides a unique, unforgettable portrait of a marriage.


“An affecting and strikingly honest look at marriage” – Publishers Weeksly


“Delivers wit, charm and characters who feel like next-door neighbors” – Book List


“A truly funny, touching, and memorable novel” – Lauren Grodstein, author of “A Friend of the Family”


“Sometimes poignant, often funny, and always lively” – Christina Baker Kline, author of “Bird in Hand”


“A searing look at the struggles and joys of marriage over the long road” – Pamela Redmond Satran, author of “The Man I Should Have Married”