The Education Of Black Dickey (An intimate novel about blacks & whites since the Civil War)

General Fiction

By Kenneth Bowens

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Kenneth Bowens

Kenneth Bowens
Kenneth Bowens was born in Tulsa Oklahoma. Thirty-four years earlier, in 1921 the most affluent African American community in U.S. history Greenwood's "Black Wall Street" was bombed and destroyed. The National Guard flew airplanes and dropped incendiary devices right down on Bla More...


The lifestyle of a naive black male is intimately observed as he grows up in red state Oklahoma. For many African Americans the definition of a red state is a place where segregation and inequality continues to be a way of life. As the young man matures into manhood, separate neighborhoods, economic and educational disparities, and the fact that one out of every three black men will end up in prison, are the muted conversations between blacks and whites. This story is about some of the obstacles that have prevented an intimate relationship between blacks and whites since the Civil War. Before the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's it was virtually impossible for African Americans to mingle with, or to join any of white America's social groups. As a teenager the boy desperately desires to have a meaningful relationship with whites, especially the women. But none of the southern-belles seem to be attracted to the tall, handsome black man. Sexually he’s a late bloomer. He’s awkward, excited, overwhelmed and pre-ejaculates on his first sexual encounter. In passionate scenes, he learns the art of love making.

When he’s a Jr. in college he’s profiled and arrested for the possession of crack cocaine. Was he framed? The young man becomes a statistic and is sent to one of the most dangerous prison‘s in the country. He’s exposed to brutal beatings, malicious murders, and terror lives with him at night. Through a series of nightmares he’s transported back in time to actual historical events. The Trail Of Tears , The Fugitive Slave Law, The End Of Reconstruction, The Share-cropping System, Oklahoma’s Land Runs, Oklahoma’s 50 All-Black Towns, Vigilante and police Sanctioned Castrations and Lynchings, The Dread Scott Decision, Oklahoma’s 18 Jim Crow Laws, The 1921 Tulsa Race Riot, and much more…

I want to give readers an intimate love story and some hard facts about the relationship between blacks and whites since the Civil War. Diversity should be a lifestyle.

     "The passion oozes off the pages."
                              --Jenifer Wilson
                               San Francisco California

      "I love your candor and openness. I love your book!!!”
                               --Cynthia Schmitt
                                    Oklahoma City

ForeWord Clarion Reviews:
  The narrative swings wildly from a historical document of the struggle of African-Americans against oppression to gynecologically precise descriptions of sex. Bowens' style is creative, and anyone who wonders about black history, the impact of slavery and segregation, or the prison system will find much to learn here.