The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! bye! Dragonfly!

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By Donna Perugini

Publisher : Donna Perugini Books

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Donna Perugini
Donna's first book was published by Harrison House Publishing, Tulsa, OK in 1983, The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpiller introducing the beginning of a Christian Children's Book "Orville" series. Included in the series is; The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! by More...



Amelia Airheart Butterfly was met in the air one day with a 'dragonfly lie'.
Since that time she has not been able to land without tripping up. She has fallen into believing the 'what if's'!  "What if I'm never able to land right again?  What if I can't be a butterfly?"

Her close friend, Orville Wright Butterfly knows she always had it in her to be a great butterfly. He encourages her with the Truth! And who told Amelia that 'dragonfly lie'?

While teaching Children's Ministry (ages 6 to 10) for 30 years, I was always looking for material to 'make the point' for the teachings. Amelia Airheart Butterfly, ages preschool to eight, is second in the Orville series of Christian children's books. Amelia was written to address the issue of fearful thoughts in a child's mind. Sometimes insignificant thoughts become 'larger than life' and take over a child's thoughts. Amelia shows how a lie spoken changes the way she believes about herself. Orville is the friend that tells her the Truth and encourages her to go against the 'what if's' in her thoughts..."what if I trip again..what if I SHOULD quit being a butterfly". And who was it that whispered the 'dragonfly lie'?

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Dear Donna,
Please let me know when Amelia Airheart Butterfly is reprinted. This delightful story was a favorite with my nieces, Charissa and Naomi, 20 years ago when they were little girls. Every time we got together they would bring the book to me for a reading. In fact, the girls would meet me at the door with book in hand!
We would sit together crowded on the sofa and I would read the story and then together the 3 of us would shout out the, "Bye Bye Dragonfly....." verses. It was a blast.
One reading was never quite enough and we would rip through it again and again.
The girls are grown and married and still speak of it today; you helped us build a great memory together. Naomi is expecting a baby in January. The shower guests were asked to bring a favorite children's book to the shower on November 14 as a contribution to the home library and this is the first book I thought of. I will give her a print out of the cover with a special note stating this book is pending.
I wish you the best of health and many blessings equal to the amount of joy given to me, Charissa, and Naomi, from this delightful story about Amelia Airheart Butterfly.
Thank you so much.
Shirley Warren

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful work and stories!, February 1, 2011
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This review is from: The Adventures of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! bye! Dragonfly! (Paperback)
I absolutely love this story and the great values and character that it teaches! I have both this and Orville and just adore Donna's writing

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Sweet Tale About Believing God's Truth, January 13, 2011
This review is from: The Adventures of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! bye! Dragonfly! (Paperback)
Sometimes it's hard to escape Satan's lies when he tells us we're not good enough or that our God-given talents really aren't that special. That's the dilemma of Amelia Airheart Butterfly when Despicable Dragonfly taunts her that her that she was never meant to fly. She's full of doubt and discouraged until Orville Wright Caterpillar reminds her of the truth - that because God is in her, she can do anything. She decides once and for all to ignore the lies and does what she was made to do - FLY. Of all Donna's books, I think this one is my favorite because even as a child, I've listened to Satan's lies. The message within this book is so important - for kids and adults.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in Bye Bye! Dragonfly, August 10, 2009
Peanut "Peanut" (Florence, Arizona United States) - See all my reviews
I had read this book many years ago when I was teaching a children's Sunday School class. It was so good I decided to purchase it for my grandchildren. It is a great book for children.

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