Marie and Claude

General Fiction

By Lewis Bailhof

Publisher : Castle Knob Publishing

ABOUT Lewis Bailhof

Lewis Bailhof
Whoever Lewis Bailhof was, he had the good fortune to discover and the good sense to recognize a remarkable story when it survived the flames that destroyed a Swiss monastery and fell into his nineteenth century hands. Fortunately for us, he also had the ability to render into English  More...


Out of the Middle Ages comes the picture of a simple man whose problems are familiar to us, and who met them with grace, wisdom and a little romance. Without doubt this enchanting story was destined not to be lost - its tortuous path from 1485 to 2009 is an intriguing story in itself.

"The story of Marie and Claude has passed through many hands before reaching yours." So the tale begins, of how a Medieval manuscript found its way into the 21st century.