Freya's Child

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Alvin Franzmeier
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The supernatural power of ancient Nordic gods is at work behind the rise of Nazism. So believes Supreme SS commander HEINRICH HIMMLER. Young ALBERT FREITAG and his wife TILLIE are forced to wrestle with this possibility as they face danger, temptation and intrigue.

Freya’s Child begins in September of 1939. The Nazis have overrun Poland. France, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have declared war, but the U.S. remains neutral. Nordic High Priestess HULDA SCHWARZ  secretly arrives in Minnesota to recover a recently discovered, but very ancient runestone. Schwarz believes the goddess Freya and the other Nordic gods are revealing through the runestone that they are guiding and blessing the rise of the Aryan race and the Nazi Third Reich. 

Shortly after Schwarz arrives, deputy sheriff Albert Freitag is led to her through a bizarre twist of events. The Nazi agent becomes convinced that the goddess Freya desires to make Albert and Tillie's newborn daughter her avatar. Thus she will lead the Nazis to world domination, in fulfillment of the runestone’s ancient prophecy. Albert’s Christian beliefs and his love for his wife and daughter are sorely tested by mysterious visions, dreams and the apparently supernatural power of the seductive pagan priestess and her gods.

Will she find a way to escape to Nazi Germany with the Freitags’ newborn daughter?

Freya's Child is the third in The Spiral Bridge Mystery Series. A sequel is anticipated.

I began the series a little less than a decade ago, focusing upon the time and place of my childhood, southern Minnesota. The more I explored the 1930s the more I became intrigued about the story possibilities. So I focused first upon rural life, south of the Twin Cities and in the second mystery novel moved into town with my characters. Soon we were meeting members of the mob, discovering how they cooperated with Nazi sympathizers who looked to Nazi Germany's domination of the world. Novel by novel the plot thickened. Little did I realize as I began this project how deeply Nazi leaders were committed to the old gods of the North who would lead the Aryan race to rule the world. And now in the third novel an ancient runestone, found along the shore of a northern Minnesota lake, reveals that the goddess Freya, consort of Woden, chief and All-Father of the gods, plans to lead Aryan conquest through an earthly avatar, a child about to be born, Freya's Child!

Freya’s Child is indeed a perfect storm. I was hooked from the first page. The author has done a wonderful job of creating a wild, yet believable scenario. . ." by  Simon Barrett in Book Reviews @