Om Baby, Child of the Universe

Children's Books

By Schamet Horsfield

Publisher : Om Baby World, LLC

ABOUT Schamet Horsfield

Schamet Horsfield
    I am a mother, a wife, a visionary artist, a new paradigm business woman, a dreamer, and a firm believer in the ability to turn dreams into reality! 
I have just finished my first children's picture book called Om Baby, Child of the Universe which will be published this April  More...


Om Baby, Child of the Universe is a beautiful book full of colorful illustrations that are about love, peace, and happiness.The book's text emphasizes the importance of family, friends, and community. Children and adults alike will love Om Baby's colors, imaginative characters and settings, and the feelings the book evokes within them.

Om Baby is a superhero for the planet, for love, and for global peace. Om Baby reminds us of the most important things in life: truth, love, friendship, family, community, and the potential for greatness within us all. Om Baby provokes thought and stimulates the imagination. Om Baby invites meaningful conversations that will last throughout childhood and beyond. This is a book that will be read again and again as a valuable part of any child's development and education about caring for our environment and our fellow humans.

Author Schamet Horsfield has gone to great lengths to make Om Baby, Child of the Universe as green as possible, using soy-based inks and recycled paper. In addition, Horsfield is partnering with Eco Libris to plant a tree for each Om Baby book made.

Om Baby was inspired by the birth of my son Octavius. After my son was born I quickly realized that my career as a metal smith artist would be put on hold as it required too many hours working in a studio away from home. I wanted to do something that would work well with being a new mom, something that was meaningful, and something my son would be proud of when he grew up. I watched the documentary called "The Secret" and it inspired me to ask the question: "What next?" The very next day I received the answer. I was nursing my son, and I had a vision. Later on that day I drew my vision on paper and from that moment the character Om Baby was born. I was doing some research for my book and realized there were very few books or characters for children that represented the things I believe in. I decided that I would make the books that I wanted my son to read and create a superhero that represented the ideals, morals, and values that I cherish and hold dear. I feel that there is a need for Om Baby everywhere! I believe that we all have special gifts and talents that are meant to be shared with each other. I know that being a mother is my spiritual path and blessing. I feel it is my responsibility, path and purpose to bring Om Baby to the world and that this is my way of bringing change, healing, and hope to children, families and to the world.

"Om Baby is a beautiful and necessary children's book for raising awareness of all life on the planet. Om babies are our future. They are our ambassadors of peace and harmony."

         -Colette Crawford, RN. BSN

"Om Baby makes my heart sing! Finally a book to share with my daughter that embodies my most cherished values. It rings with hope and joy. It's inspiring message of love, community, and spiritual value delightfully illustrated make Om Baby, Child of the Universe an instant classic. 
My daughter and I will treasure it for years to come." 

          -Michelle Guthrie, Yoga teacher, mother 

"New heroes are needed for our fastly evolving society and finding a unique, compassionate one is rare...Om Baby is that hero that resides in the knowing heart of us humans. He and his world is superbly envisioned and crafted, combining fantasy and basic human values to enthrall and educate young audiences in simple right ways of livelihood. Spiritual lessons are often disguised in children's literature. Here is an example of that: Om Baby is for all ages! It is a book to share, read again and again and again and save for future inspiration and generations." 

        -Cynthia Schwell, actress, counselor, teacher

"Om Baby is a magical story of oneness and beauty. You and your child  will love getting lost in the whimsical beauty of the illustrations and the simple and pure narrative. It is a rarity to find a children's book that talks so poetically about family, love, spirituality, and peace."

           -Laura Sherman, Graphic Designer 

       "Om Baby"written by first time author/illustrator Schamet Horsfield is a beautiful book for children inspired by the birth of her own child. The brightly colored and detailed illustrations will engage children as well as amuse adults with their clever use of symbols and cultural references. It's message of empowerment of children will be appreciated by parents looking to enrich their children's spiritual values. Highly recommended

     -Craig Orback, Children's Book Illustrator