Buttermilk Moon

ABOUT Randy Wise

Randy Wise
I remember a visit to my grandmother's farm when I was about four. She gave all the kids bowls of ice cream, telling us when we ate all of it a magical picture would appear in the bottom. I remember eating all of mine (as if I needed help) and looking at the little scene in the bottom of t More...



In 1944, a fifteen-year-old Texas boy fakes his identity and runs away to Europe, seeking his father who’s lost in the world war.

At the height of the second world war, George Cooper’s father is captured by the Wehrmacht. After a devastating storm, George leaves behind a mother, grandmother and girlfriend on their Texas farm and joins the Army to search for his missing father in Europe. With no training and borrowed dog tags, he finds himself in a place both foreign and frightening. George finds his way to Germany with help from a Belgian boy and a secret German book, wrecking a plane and freeing a trainload of Jewish prisoners along the way.