Don't Hug A Grudge

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By Donna Perugini

Publisher : Donna Perugini Books

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Donna Perugini
Donna's first book was published by Harrison House Publishing, Tulsa, OK in 1983, The Flight of Orville Wright Caterpiller introducing the beginning of a Christian Children's Book "Orville" series. Included in the series is; The Adventure of Amelia Airheart Butterfly in bye! by More...


When you hold a grudge, you end up feeding it and making it stronger with hateful thoughts and words.

The growth of a grudge is shown from grudge, (when it is small you can put it down), to resentment, (you don't hold it, it holds you), and ends up as bitterness, (it's roots go down deep and cause you to hate the ones you should love).

Throughout the book, "Don't Hug A Grudge", the Word of God answers the questions of how to send the 'disguised unforgiveness' on its way by changing your thoughts with God's Word.

Find out what's behind the innocent looking little grudge that's been so easily picked up and fed.

Look for a GREAT ENDING to an age old can you forgive someone who has hurt you?!

Children have as much trouble as adults with unforgiveness. While teaching Children's Ministry I searched for a way to describe in 'bite-sized pieces' what a grudge was, how it grew and the way to be free from it in all forms. Adults are holding bible studies with the book, large ministries (like Joyce Meyer's Ministry) are teaching from "Don't Hug A Grudge" and its illustrations, and it is being added as teaching materials to International Victory Bible Institute curriculum in nearly 1,000 bible schools around the world.

Victorious Faith Ministries had Donna Perugini help write a course for Children’s Ministry to be included in the International Victory Bible Institute curriculum, an affiliate of VictoryChristianCenter, Tulsa, Oklahoma. IVBI has nearly 1,000 Bible schools around the world in which this course is being taught. "Don’t Hug A Grudge" is included in the teaching material.
Serving Him,

Ron Stafford
President, Victorious Faith Ministries



Right on the mark, March 3, 2006
By  Scott P. J. Ralitz
Although this is officially a children's book we have used this book in adult Bible studies because of its powerful message. The pictures and the simple way it shares the story make it unforgettable. We had this book many years ago, but it got lost with all the moves. We knew we had to have a copy to share these truths with our new friends here in Russia.


Don't Hug a Grudge, March 30, 2009
This is an excellent book. Although it is written specifically to a younger age group, the theme would benefit anyone. I would recommend it, especially when talking about the importance of forgiveness.



5.0 out of 5 starsDon't Hug a grudge, August 9, 2008
By  Rick Maxwell(Texas USA) -
It is a good presentation of your reaction to someone who has hurt you. You can either forgive the person,
or not. If you can't forgive, you develop worse attitudes which causes up to hatred of the person. Hatred
ruins all relationships for many years and spreads from one family to another. One simple "I forgive you"
brings love and good feelings between people. Many wars could be prevented with this one statement.

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