Not Telling

General Fiction

By Cindy Vine

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Cindy Vine

Cindy Vine
Teacher, single mother, all-time survivor, author, world traveler, your basic standard global citizen who loves to write.  I'm currently living in Tanzania and am the author of the self-help book Fear, Phobias and Frozen Feet, as well as the novels Stop the world, I need to pee!  The Cas More...



A traumatic accident changes the lives of two sisters, Karen and Jenny,unleashing hate, jealousy,and betrayal. Someone from the past comes back into their lives and Jenny is faced with an enormous dilemma.  Should she tell?

A few online friends shared their rape experiences with me, which got me thinking. How can I use this and turn it into an intriguing story? So I came up with the story of Jenny and added her horrible sister to give the story more bite, and of course, brought in a huge dilemma which will have everyone thinking and debating, whether or not, given the circumstances, they would tell.