Too Dead to Dance

General Fiction

By Diane Morlan

Publisher : Cozy Cat Press

ABOUT Diane Morlan

Diane Morlan



Lederhosen, accordions.....and a dead body!   And a dead body is just what coffee roaster Jennifer Penny found when she walked into her coffee booth the second day of Hermann, Minnesota’s Polka Daze Festival.  Jennifer, Megan Murphy and Sister Bernadine, the only working nun in town, have been friends since second grade. When Sister Bernadine becomes the chief suspect, Jennifer gets on the bandwagon to find the real murderer and prove the innocence of her unjustly suspected friend. While unearthing clues, Jennifer dodges the demands of her soon to be ex-husband and the advances of a sexy cop and a flirtatious butcher. She’ll need more than a double espresso to stay on her toes and solve this mystery.  TOO DEAD TO DANCE is filled with excitement, fun, and suspense, along with charming details drawn from the world of county fairs and craft exhibits.  Recipe and crochet pattern included!