Halibut Rodeo

General Fiction

By Mark Lewandowski

Publisher : All Things That Matter Press

Halibut Rodeo

ABOUT Mark Lewandowski

Mark Lewandowski
I write stories, essays and screenplays.



Halibut Rodeo is a collection of interconnected short stories that take place in the small, Alaskan town of Homer.  The characters look for love and redemption while they slime fish, tote halibut, and squeeze herring.

Halibut Rodeo was inspired by a summer I spent working at a fish processing plant in Homer, Alaska. I see the collection as a novel in stories, with the town of Homer itself being a character.

In this vivid, moving collection, Mark Lewandowski brings us the tough poetry of the Alaskan fishing industry, an end-of-the-world ecosystem of Slime-Line Queens and drunks, Born-Agains and sinners. Like the fish workers he describes, Lewandowski knows how to eviscerate. He peels back his characters’ thick skins and removes their still-beating hearts. Halibut Rodeo is an arresting collection of stories about lonely people trying to find each other and hold on.  

-- Lili Wright, author of Learning to Float

Welcome, traveler from the Lower Forty-Eight, to the land of strange names— Kachemak Bay, Homer Spit, Kodiak, Kenai Mountains—and stranger jobs where people work the slime line and build glaciers out of frozen fish. Let Mark Lewandowski show you, in these fine stories, the ice, the cold, the smell of the Alaska salt as he ultimately guides you deeper into the odd people of this place, and you recognize them as everyone you have ever known, and finally catch glimpses of the traveler that you are.

–Marlin Barton, author of A Broken Thing


"Lewandowski's delightful collection, Halibut Rodeo, may be set in the cold climes of Alaska's canneries, but each story here has enough humor and heart to warm any reader.  Where Steinbeck's Cannery Row meets 'The Deadliest Catch,' this debut proves that humanity endures even at the farthest reaches of civilization."
            -Peter Charles Melman, author of Landsman