Poppet Finds a Home

Children's Books

By Karen Cove

Publisher : Karen Cove

ABOUT Karen Cove

Karen Cove
Karen Cove is a writer and elementary school teacher whose expertise is in language arts and creative writing.  She is an accomplished Wisconsin freelance writer with many articles published in local magazines and newspapers.  Karen and her husband reside in Sherwood, Wisconsin along wit More...


Poppet Finds a Home is an educational, creative and lively children's story for anyone who is a dog or animal lover.  It recounts the journey of Poppet, the adorable black and white dog, from being unwanted and abandoned to finding a loving home.  It describes how Poppet and her brothers and sisters were discovered by a little girl and taken to a humane association. There, the puppies were  nurtured back to health and were all adopted by caring families. Poppet begins her new life with the Wilson's, a couple searching for the perfect pet to become a member of their family

Poppet Finds a Home is a wonderful read aloud book for children of all ages and has bright, engaging illustrations on every page that convey the story. It provides many useful opportunities for discussion on how to be a responsible pet owner and creates awareness for the purpose and mission of humane associations and animal shelters.