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Doug Kaufman


"I started getting better grades immediately"
"The Study Guide is fantastic. It's a complete guide to getting better grades and how to approach studying. It teaches you how to study and how to make priorities. For me, It really has made all the difference in the world."

Avi, Psychology Student
Tel Aviv, Israel

"The Study Guide Is FANTASTIC!"
"You have no idea how grateful and elated I am. At last, someone who can explain things in a simple way. I've got dozens of books relating to the field of psychology and none is as clear as the work you present...Your no nonsense style is like a 'breath of fresh air'. I know my grades can only get better. Thank you."

Kelly, Psychology Student
UC San Bernardino

"Thank you AlleyDog"
"I don't know what I did before I found and ordered the study guide, and I'm not even a psych major! This has helped me in all my courses. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

David, Psychology Student
University of Nebraska

"The Study Guide Rocks!"
"I was so frustrated with my teachers, my books, and all the time I was spending studying. Nothing made sense and I was starting to hate psychology. Once I started using the guide, things started making a lot more sense. Things are so much better now. Thanks AlleyDog.

Amit, Psychology Student
Indiana University

"I was getting C's and now I'm getting A's"
wanted to tell you that I just had my first exam since getting the guide and for the first time this semester I got an A!!!"

Jeanine, Psychology Student
Columbia University