Black Earth: End of the Innocence

General Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By David N. Alderman

Publisher : David N. Alderman

ABOUT David N. Alderman

David N. Alderman
I am a happily married, self-published author and follower of Christ. My goal in this life is to write compelling fiction that is entertaining but that also portrays the power of redemption and the overcoming of evil.

My work can be seen as science fiction and fantasy, but that More...


On the evening of his high school graduation, Nathan Pierce collapses on stage. Plagued with visions of a strange girl intent on killing herself, he wonders if his mental instability is a consequence of the deadly car accident he was in days earlier.

Heather Rhodes, wracked with guilt because of the fatal wreck, finds she is unable to forgive herself and begins to question her own beliefs. While the death of a newborn weighs on her heart, on her mind is the strange gift she was able to use to protect her and Nathan in the accident…a gift that Heather wonders may have just been a figment of her imagination.

Cynthia Ruin, aka The Pink Rabbit, decides that her high school graduation night should be used for partying, not walking down the football field. At a nightclub in Scottsdale, Cynthia finds more than she bargained for when a stranger from her past decides to exact his revenge on her for a prior rejection.

All three come to realize that their current problems are nothing compared to the stars that are falling from the sky. During the global crisis, the President of the United States makes it her personal mission to keep the country on the right track to becoming a world superpower, while a hostile entity known only as Absolute threatens her administration.

Meanwhile, word starts to spread that the falling stars may not be stars at all....
"My expectations were blown away when I started reading this book. The story line is absolutely captivating. It is refreshing to read a science fiction book with a christian background that doesn't come off corny. By far this is a must read."
- Terry R. Hiegel

"I met you awhile ago at Borders where you were doing a book signing. I purchased your book with a little skepticism. I finally got around to reading it. I started this week and finished it today. It is one of best books I have read. I think you are going to have a great career as a excellent author and is was a great privilege to meet you. The suspense and plot is one heck of a page turner. I just loved the book. I cannot wait for the next is this series."

- Peter H. Clark

"This is the breakdown: Your book is a good read. I was able to dive right in. Your descriptions are colorful and create a nice fictional world that is seamless. It just works very well. I truly believe that if your name were to get out there enough you would be able to compete with the big boys."

- Tracy Hayes