The Big Sneeze

Children's Books, Science & Technology

By Julia Widdop

Publisher : Dreamtime Press

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Julia Widdop
Julia Widdop is a personal coach who works with individuals who wish to explore personal growth through their writing and artwork. Julia conducts Reflective Interviewing sessions over Skype to explore the writings and artwork her clients have sent to her in advance of the sessions. These More...



This art book (filled with wonderful watercolor illustrations) is also the story of the big bang and how life formed on earth. It also explains in simple language how energy changes form, but never dies. The story of recycling energy.

I was trying to explain to my Grandson how life is formed and how it never dies. It may change form, but never dies. One morning while writing in my journal the whole little book came to me. I gave the text to Jeannette who did the most wonderful watercolors for it and that's the story of the Big Sneeze.

"It's a cool story. I liked it." Cienna Means, 10- years-old

"I like the funny words and how it describes the big bang as a big sneeze."  Isaac Russel, 10 years-old