Princess Zaara and the Enchanted Forest

Children's Books

By Umbreen Asghar

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Umbreen Asghar

Umbreen Asghar
Umbreen Asghar received a bachelor's degree in English with honours from The University of North London. She has worked with college students whose first language is not English and collaborated with lecturers to provide assistance to students of varying aptitudes. Currently, she works wit More...


Princess Zaara and the Enchanted Forest by Umbreen Asghar is a new children's fairy tale set in the magical land of Zahandra. A captivating and magical tale that begs to be read aloud, Princess Zaara and the Enchanted Forest by children's author Umbreen Asghar is the sort of tale that sparks the imagination and fuels a child's curiosity. With lavish, highly stylized illustrations by Diane Lucas, this beginning children's book introduces a curious Spanish princess named Zaara. She's seven and the only thing she wants in the whole wide kingdom is to explore the forest that is just beyond her empire, so when she gets a chance, she jumps at it. She discovers that the forest is all she has ever heard or dreamed about, and there in the mesmerizing dark folds, keeping her royal lineage a secret, she makes friends. They're a curious lot. There's Morgan the Giant, Elvin the Elf, Banji the Bear and Tiffany-Annabel, all who bring something special to the group. When an evil wood spirit puts a spell on her new pals, Zaara shows courage and tenacity befitting the best sort of princess-the kind that is a friend first. 

Spellbinding and filled with smart humour, Princess Zaara and the Enchanted Forest by new children's author Umbreen Asghar describes a delightful place. It is a place of hidden mysteries, secret smiles, and lots of laughter, not to mention a young princess who wants to be more than royalty. This little will-be-queen-someday wants to be an adventurer—and a really good friend. With elegant illustrations by Diane Lucas, this timeless fairytale is a very special beginning children’s book for your little princess or prince.


At the heart of this enchanted fable is seven-year-old Princess Zaara, who is intrigued about a lot of things. More than anything, she wants to know about the forest that sits just beyond her castle’s walls. She’s heard rumours and she has let her imagination fly, so when she gets the chance to frolic among the trees she takes it. What a wondrous place it is, indeed. Soon she meets a few unforgettable friends. She meets Morgan, a displaced giant with a heart of gold. Shortly after, she befriends Elvin the Elf, Banji, a bear-like creature, and Tiffany-Annabel, a very fun fairy. The new pals have no idea that Zaara is a princess, but manage to have quite a bit of fun until Mischievo, a naughty tree spirit, casts a spell. This spell will test Zaara’s bravery—and with no loyal subjects to come to her rescue, she is on her own in the deep, dark forest. Come what may, Zaara has learned the true power of friendship and that if this circle of friendship is to be unbroken, she will have to lead the way as a princess—and as a friend.











I was inspired to write my book by my daughter, and by my work with young children. I wanted to write a tale that parents could enjoy sharing with their children, and a beginner children's book that children could read on their own. I aimed to capture the imagination of young readers by inventing a fantasy world of giants, elves, fairies, evil spirits, and a magical and alluring forest setting, as fantasy fiction appealed to me as a child. My objective is to stimulate the creative process in children by this entertaining story, whilst adding to the classical tradition of story-telling. The educational benefits are increasing listening skills by listening to the story, speaking skills, when describing or explaining events or characters. The reader's personal reaction to the book can be expressed verbally and, reading comprehension shows understanding of the text.