The Lost script

Mystery & Thrillers, Children's Books

By Jacky Rom

Publisher : Jax Publishing UK

ABOUT Jacky Rom

Jacky Rom
British Drama Teacher turned Author Jacky Rom releases her first Children’s Novel on 26th April 2009. After many years of writing plays she was just about to turn 50 and had the urge to write her first Novel. Escaping off to the Caribbean she wrote the first of a series of five books ca More...



Starr Fox an 11 year old British actor, has just started working on her second major movie.  During a break in filming, Starr, with her best friend and body double Grace, find themselves helping to solve a blackmail attempt.  Starr and Grace seem to get into what Starr describes as ‘mini adventures.’

‘The Lost Script’, is a fast paced mystery adventure story that will keep you on the edge of your seat! As you wait to see what Starr the Secret Super Sleuth gets up to next!

Book 2 in the Series "The Amazing adventures of Starr"

The Amazing Adventures of Starr: The Lost Script

Book Two


Author: Jacky Rom

Review by Helen Potter


Starr, the intelligent, trendy detective is back on the scene again to guide us through yet another compelling mystery. We return to our favourite 11-year-old heroine and her best friend Grace with some recognisable older characters such as her aptly named mother ‘The Sergeant’, who storms Grace about in a comedic fashion to follow a theatrical career once more, and ‘Sean’ the very tall, very lively and very lovable man who acted as their previous chaperone in the first book.


Not only are we entertained by the appearance of the personas we grew so fond of in the previous and first book of the series ‘The Missing Extra’, but we also come across some interesting new faces as well. The two mischievous twins Lola and Tallulah provide a humerous addition to the story, and Julie the script-writer creates an ideal damsel in distress, with perhaps less of the wailing and more of the down to earth conversation.


Starr and Grace begin this story as they work on the sequel to Starr’s debut film ‘The Secret’, with the introduction of their new and rather intimidating chaperone, or rather as she is later nicknamed ‘The Sergeant II’. A break comes up as their film crew fly off to India to shoot some crowd scenes, so Starr and Grace are left with a lot of free time, and so a lot of time to get themselves into another heap of trouble.


As we are lead through the tense rush to discover the culprit of a stolen script in time before it’s too late, the reader is entertained with many diverse situations, from Grace and Starr discovering a body in a freezer, to being forced to walk the diving board on a swimming pool, fully dressed, tied and gagged by two 8-year-olds.


With an intriguing beginning and a satisfying conclusion leaving us waiting on edge for more, this book reminds young readers why even at the young age of 11, you can achieve anything if you really try, and judging by the lengths Starr and Grace went to discover the true culprit, the trying is an essential component.


Well written, and an easy read, I enjoyed this book even though my age exceeds 11, and I would definitely recommend it to any young person aspiring to great things!


Helen Potter Age 15