ABOUT Louann Carroll

Louann Carroll
Louann Carroll is a Native Californian living in the Sierra Nevada foothills with her husband, Dennis. Mother to three children and grandmother to six, she is an avid rock, fossil, and gem hunter who enjoys sharing her finds with her grandchildren and friends. She is a student of alternati More...



Born clairvoyant, 35 year-old Danny Fisk turns to drugs to make him feel normal. The misunderstood love of Meili, his wife, takes him to the brink of destruction before turning him back to the God of his youth for help. He discovers that even within the depths of depravity God abides, waiting to heal those with an injured heart.


Detective Serena Del Shaun, of the Attorney General’s office, Narcotics Division, State of California, looses her sister to the streets and the seductive attentions of a corrupt policeman. Against her better judgment, she vows to destroy him, loosing forever the man she loves, and possibly, her own life.


Rebecca Fisk, wife, mother, and writer, unknowingly brings down a corrupt police department and leads a group of drug addicts to heaven’s door. She discovers the many types of romance, and learns it doesn’t matter who creates that magic circle, as long as love shares the space in-between.


Based on a true story, REDEMPTION warms the heart and lifts the spirits. Romance, love, and passion lead the way, followed by guideposts of forgiveness and redemption that linger on.