Chastity Flame

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

By C. Margery Kempe

Publisher : Ravenous Romance

ABOUT C. Margery Kempe

C. Margery Kempe
C. Margery Kempe is a writer of erotic romance distinguished by its humour, intelligence and fearless sensual pleasures. Her stories range from contemporary thrillers to medieval era fairy tales. An English professor by day, she also writes on medieval literature, film, creative writin More...


"Chastity Flame is one thrill ride after another. Debut novelist Ms. Kempe amazes me with her wonderful writing talent." --Coffee Time Romance (5 "cups")

"Chastity Flame is my kind of woman -- smart, savvy and always ready for a romp with the guy of her choice. I wish I'd created this
character, but in C. Margery Kempe's capable hands you won't be
disappointed. Erotic and witty, this is a page-turner."
-- Philip Nutman, author of Wet Work

Chastity Flame loves her job as a secret government operative. She
foils criminal masterminds, travels the world, and finds new lovers in
every city. Then she meets art historian Damien Michelet in front of
one of her favorite paintings and discovers there's more to life than
just lust (although there's plenty of that, too).

But Chastity doesn't have time to think about what this sexy
distraction means while she's trying to uncover a vast computer virus
scheme that will destabilize European currency and amusing herself
with various lovers across the continent.

It's hard work saving the world-it can be lonely, too. Before Chastity
can make a decision about what to do about Damien, she takes part in a
daring rescue of a geek genius, only to discover that the fellow
operative lending assistance is none other than Damien! On the plus
side, now she won't have to explain her job-but what to do about that
rule about no romance between agents? Will she risk the security of
her country for some really wild sex-and the possibility of love?

I tried to fit all my favourite spots in London into a thrilling spy novel that would keep the reader breathless and keep the temperature HOT! Bonus in-jokes for fans of British comedy :-)

"Chastity Flame is the beginning of a trilogy and is one thrill ride after another and while there is tons of spicy sex, it does not detract from the overall storyline. Debut novelist Ms. Kempe amazes me with her wonderful writing talent. Chastity is the type of person I would want to be on my side, boy, can she kick some serious butt! Damien is every woman’s teacher fantasy come to life, complete with oozing sensuality and a hot body. If the first book in the trilogy is this mind blowing, I can only imagine how fantastic the other books will be; I cannot wait to read another story about Chastity and the life she lives as a spy!"

--Coffee Time Romance & More

"Speaking of heat, this book is practically radiating steam. There are lots of different things to chose from, Ms. Kempe doesn’t write the same scene over and over, and even throws in some F/F love... If you like lots of steamy variety and a thrill ride that keeps you on your toes, this book is most definitely for you."
-- The Pagan & The Pen