Song Of The Snowman

General Fiction

By Rhonda Tibbs

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ABOUT Rhonda Tibbs

Rhonda Tibbs
Rhonda Tibbs has always been an avid reader and since she first learned to print she has been writing stories.  As a medical transcriptionist, she was privy to some true-life stories that touched her deeply and inspired her to keep writing about this human experience, her work with a chil More...


Rhonda Tibbs' Song of the Snowman is a moving and decidedly heartening novel about overcoming the hardships of life. We follow young Brian from age twelve into adulthood, a boy neglected by his alcoholic mother and struggling to discover a life of joy and satisfaction. With the help of a very perceptive eight-year-old friend, Stacy, Brian finds the courage and the faith to claw his way over the many obstacles placed before him. It is finally through his magnificent gift of singing that he discovers a world many of us can only imagine: that of international fame and adoration. The journey, however, is not always easy, and Brian finds himself confronted by challenges and dangers that will test his trust, his spirit, and his ability to forgive.