ABOUT Brenda Bailey

Brenda Bailey
My name is Brenda Bailey and I live in Evil Dead country, Indiana. I write erotic horror novels.


This book is an erotic horror novel, mad scientist romance. It contains romance, horror and intense sex, mature readers!

"Life hasn't always been easy for the beautiful, fiery-haired nurse, Jessica Newman. Abandoned by her mother shortly after her father was killed in an accident, she was raised by her elderly, well-to-do grandmother. Though she was brought up in a life filled with luxury and privilege, her grandmother instilled in her compassion, empathy, and to know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. When her beloved grandmother dies, she is left with nothing but an old trailer park and just the clothes off her back, or so she thinks. After inheriting the trailer park, Jessica is suddenly thrown into a world she never knew existed. Her Room mate and lover, Dr. Daniel Newman, who not only shares her last name, but weaves Jessica into a secret world of sizzling sex, mutilated cadavers, and undermining a scheming medical director for his own vain purposes. Dr. William Brooks, her employer, who drowns her in a sea of lies, blackmail and betrayal.

Now follow that with two punk rock renters, an old woman that also delves in the dark world of illegal surgeries and an oriental hooker that stalks Jessica long after she's dead and buried. I mean really...what's a nurse to do?"