What's the Buzz Bumbly, Bee?

Children's Books, Christian Books

By Brenda Hendricks

Publisher : Two Small Fish Publications

ABOUT Brenda Hendricks

Brenda Hendricks
Brenda Hendricks is a freelance writer/illustrator and speaker. In addition to writing and illustrating children's books, she writes an online Bible study/devotional page for adults at www.twosmallfish.org  and publishes a website for writers and illustrators at www.oddducksociety.org



This high-quality, hardcover, 36-page book provides hours of entertainment with colorful pictures and an encouraging story. And at the end of the story, children and their parents can enjoy the hidden picture page and stickers. What’s the Buzz, Bumbly Bee? is the first in the series of eight books. Each book will feature one of the characters introduced in What’s the Buzz, Bumly Bee? and will feature hidden pictures on each page as well as a project at the end of the book that will help children practice the concept being taught in the story.

One warm summer day, I watched a bumblebee gather pollen from the rose bushes behind our house. I spoke to him as though he understood English. "You silly bee, don't you know your wings are too small to carry your chunky body?" I almost expected him to drop on the spot, horrified at the thought. Of course, he didn't understand English and we had no interpreter available so he continued on his flight. And I wrote What's the Buzz, Bumbly Bee? to satisfy my own imagination.

Brenda blends her artistic talent, writing skills, and respect for scriptural truths to present a beautiful and touching book that will capture the interest of all young readers and challenge them to rely on God's strength for the courage to complete seemingly impossible tasks. This little book is a must read for any youngster who says, "I can't." ~ Marsha Hubler, Author of the Keystone Stables Series. www.marshahubler.com