Raising Orion

General Fiction, Classics

By Lesley Choyce

Publisher : Thistledown Press

ABOUT Lesley Choyce

Lesley Choyce
Lesley Choyce was born in New Jersey in 1951, moved to Canada in 1978 and became a Canadian citizen. He teaches part-time at Dalhousie University, runs Pottersfield Press and has written over 40 adult and young adult books. His YA novels concern things like skateboarding, surfing, raci More...



Raising Orion tells the tale of an eccentric, timeless woman, Molly, a second-hand bookshop owner, and her childhood as the daughter of the last lighthouse keeper of Devil's Island at the mouth of the Halifax Harbour. At its core, Raising Orion is a novel of discovery, and a chronicle of intense individualism where to believe you can set the stars in the sky will make it so.

Molly is an enigmatic person, powerful over her own destiny. She is at the centre of an eclectic, unlikely group of people - customers of her bookstore that have become her friends - searching for meaning in their own lives through the books they find in her store. Their test begins when Molly is on the verge of being criminally charged for interfering with authorities in rescuing a young cancer patient. Her dedicated book-customer friends must help save her, which, given Molly's eccentricities, philosophical outlooks, and strong independence, isn't an easy task.