Grandma, Tell Me a Story: 52 Bible Stories for Children

Grandma, Tell Me a Story: 52 Bible Stories for Children

ABOUT Shirley Myers

Shirley Myers
After being a pastor for 10 years, I am now a semi-retired pastor, preaching twice on Sunday morning, doing visitation and Bible studies.  I wrote Sunday school curriculum for over twenty years.  Also wrote many articles and devotionals. Was president of St. Davids Christian Writers Conf More...


Grandma, Tell Me a Story is a collection of Bible Stories told by Grandma to her grandchildren, Joey and Amy, whenever they come to visit.  Each Bible story has a connection to something the children do with their grandma on each visit.  A full-page coloriing picture accompanies each story.  There are 52 stories so that a teacher could use one a week with a Sunday school class or other group.  Other people (adults, elderly, nursing home residents, etc.) who wish to recall the Bible stories from their youth may also find an interest in the book.

I first decided to write my book of Bible stories with the Grandma telling the stories to her grandchildren when I realized that many grandparents found themselves responsible for the Christian and spiritual training of their grandchildren. A writing tutor encouraged me to move ahead with it. I wanted to write the book in simple language that children could understand. The books I had had to use with my own children had many difficult words in them. If I was in doubt about the reading level of any word, I would look it up in the Children's Writers Word Book.