Burning Bridges (Remastered Version)

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jay staten
Author/Publisher/Producer, of erotica titles such as, "Burning Bridges" (The Novel) and "Daddy's Sex Chronicles- Volume I & II" (The Novels and DVD's).Join Me On Facebook:(www.facebook.com/jeromestaten)


Sandra Davis, is a young mother who's pregnant with her 2nd child, but, on top of that, she's also being abused both mentally and physically by the guy she loves with all of her heart, her husband, Lance. Family members and friends are constantly warning Sandra about Lance's shady behavior, but Sandra seems to ignore their warnings by continuing to remain by Lance's side. When the tables begin to turn and Lance's luck finally runs out due to a drug deal gone bad on the streets, will Sandra finally gather up enough strength to leave him alone, or, will she forgive Lance for all that he's done to her and her family?

Filled with drama, suspense, deceit, temptation and an unbelievably shocking conclusion that you'll never see coming!


'Burning Bridges,' is a story designed for women who are being abused both mentally and/or physically by their companions. Similar to Sandra's situation, (one of the main characters in this novel), kids are involved, which makes this dreadful situation even more daunting. In Sandra's case, several opportunities will present itself where she'll have a chance to get away from Lance and move on with her life, but, its up to her to take advantage of those situations. At the end of the day, Sandra will either remain by Lance's side, or, make him pay dearly for every Bridge he's Burned with her and her family.