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By Erika Knudsen

Publisher : Eris Publishing

ABOUT Erika Knudsen

Erika Knudsen
The Vampire genre has always been a great love of mine and my passion for the topic is what led me to write my first novel.  I am a paranormal author who early on in my writing career decided to publish independently.   The idea of having full creative control of my work was appeal More...



It is only months before a new millennia and Deirdra, after nearly four years away from La Maison de Chantonnay, makes her way home. The nightmares of the past have taken their toll on her weary mind. As she anxiously awaits the reunion with her immortal family she finds herself plagued by a mysterious being who seems set on guiding her unlife in his chosen direction. With characteristic stubbornness, Deirdra ignores this entity's wisdom. Spiralling into a web of alienated self-destruction, her path leads her into the arms of the enemy she had forever sworn to despise. Broken and lost she discovers old gods born anew, wearing away at her humanity, leaving her vulnerable to the evil of her demon within.
There is a strange magical quality to her writing style ~ spell binding, mesmerizing,captivating and mystifying.  With glorious imagination and a keen perception, she weaves a mythical tale that keeps the reader riveted and begging for more... This promising and gifted new author is certian to prosper as she climbs the literary ladder  to success.
Night Shade 'Zine 

The author presents an interesting new twist to the macabre world of vampires.  This strange dark world of the living dead had been traditionally seen as one of the ultimate horrors, as portrayed by Dracula, the unfeeling monster who fed upon the blood of his innocent victims.
Erika Knudsen, however, portrays the world of vampires in a different light. While not denying that they are basically evil, she portrays them as having feelings of love and caring for one another and for selected mortals. This work is well written and shows the author had spent a lot of time and research in this genre.  She had demonstrated great ability in creating an interesting plot line as we follow Deirdra's decision to join this ghoulish world of the living dead, then wrestle with her conscience to deal with what is required for survival as a creature of the night.
It is a novel well worth reading for those of you who enjoy or are curious about this particular genre.
Eric J. Brown
Magnolia Press

 ...I read your with with much interest.  Your idea of making the vampires somewhat vulnerable gave a nice twist to the story...
J.D. Mis
Peppercorn Press INC.

Readers Reviews:

Your book (Resurrected) was spooky.  It set you in a mood of Deirdra's life and then you put her into more chillin' situations ... I had a small nightmare on coffins, castles and dark country roads.  Your imagination is trés cool!
The first one grabbed my attention, the second one surpassed my expectations!  I loved it!
T. Himmelsbach
...The emotions you put into the characters and everything is downright perfect!  The cover is beautiful and really expressive of what your book entails.  It was captivating and the unity from the last book carries through to this one [Resurrected] which is a major score!
M. Sheldon
Erika's beautiful prose lures you through every chapter and leaves you wanting more... Delicious through to the last drop!
Tina S.
...I met her this afternoon at Chapters in West Edmonton Mall... and I can't express how glad I am to have picked up Beyond the threshold of death and Resurrected. I couldn't put them down on my ride home, they're so good!
Chelsey G.