Believable Lies

Humor, General Fiction

By Neil Crabtree

Publisher : Neil Crabtree

ABOUT Neil Crabtree

Neil Crabtree
I live and write in Miami. My book Believable Lies is available in paperback and Kindle version at and as eBook in all other formats at I also have more stories in The Dead Mayberrys And Other Stories and a preview of my novel Rooster called The Big Kaboom as f More...


Believable Lies is a story cycle, from rocker-hippies debating who invented dry hair, through a midlife crisis of unrequited love, on to seniors getting cash rewards for Early Termination. The reality behind the news reports and tweets is revealed by ordinary characters in extraordinary situations, who discover the absurd is easier than the rational.

Growing up in the 20th Century, we all talked about changing the world. Now the world is changed, and we find we got lost along the way. When did that happen? Was it while we were smoking with the boys upstairs? Maybe our lovers told us life stories that turned out not to be true. Or maybe the technology changes so quickly we never really catch up. Can reality actually be reduced to tweets? Different characters with different voices drive the story cycle in Believable Lies. Life is funny sometimes, isn't it? And then, when we look in the mirror, are we still laughing?

"The stories in Neil Crabtree’s debut story collection Believable Lies are bold, risky, and wildly entertaining. You’ll laugh so hard you won’t realize you’re crying. No one should be this good, or this funny, the first time out. Neil’s genius is his ability to uncover the sadness that underlies the comic and the grandeur just below the surface."
--John Dufresne, author of Requiem,MASS.