Angels at Large

Young Adult, Christian Books, Children's Books

By Janet Lee Scott

Publisher : Tate Publishing

Angels at Large

ABOUT Janet Lee Scott

Janet Lee Scott
Author Janet Lee Scott recently relocated to the Ozarks of Missouri and thrives on her love for people and animals. She has been writing stories since 1988 and has so much to share with the world and feels that the first approach to helping is seeking out the youth by spreading the word of More...



Two angels separately come down from heaven asking
God’s permission to go back to earth as angels to help
others in need. One is Monet, a beautiful Newfoundland
wanting to help people and the other is a young girl,
Margaret, wanting to help animals. They accidentally
run into each other and create a beautiful friendship.
Given the timetable allowed on earth, they decide to
work together understanding that with every good deed
they accomplish, their wings will grow. They venture all
over earth helping people and animals with good hearts
and love for every challenge. When their time comes to
an end, they both need to report back to heaven with all
their accomplishments, but they don’t want to separate
and struggle with the pain of never being together again.
This is a fun loving enjoyable story that will bring joy,
laughter, tears, and truth. It details each adventure and
will bring a smile to every reader.
Dr Rick with petMD:
After reading Angels at Large, we were sure author Janet Lee Scott had just written one of the best nursery books ever published. Perfect for a child, grandchild, niece or nephew, Angels at Large is full of adventures and good deeds. It leads the main characters, Margaret and Monet, not only to a happy ending but to the betterment of the lives of all the people and animals they touch along the way. From New York City to an African Desert to the shores of Newfoundland, our heroes travel the world (with the help of their angel guides) and bring a little joy, peace, and comfort to all they meet.

A story of faith, perseverance, and, above all else, proof that the road to heaven can also be paved with good intentions. How lovingly Haute!

In addition to being a writer, Janet is also an accomplished steel artist who draws, hand cuts, and welds her own artwork. Now that's industrially Haute!

I just finished "Angels at Large" and let me tell you it was awesome! It is a perfect story that someone of any age can appreciate. I couldn't put it down. I just had to know where Monet and Margaret were going to go next and what they were going to do. I laughed and cried. The elephant part in Africa was my favorite! I could really picture it happening. The whole story was so well detailed I could really picture it in my head and see it all unfolding. You are very very talented. I most definitely am going to suggest this to friends! When you publish your next book please inform me. I would love to read it. The whole story really made me wonder if my pets who have passed are watching me. I sure hope so :)
Thanks for entertaining me for the night,
Andrea Harless

Public Relations Intern, Angels For Animals, Canfield, OH