Toxic: The Prequel

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ReallyRashida is an urban fiction author and blogger from Cleveland, Ohio. She inherited her love of books from her mother and knew from a very young age that writing would always be a special part of her life.. By the age of three Rashida was reading, and she wrote her first book in t More...


Tracey, Andre, and Punkin are the major players in this short story of abuse, secrets, and toxic love.

Black eyes, bloody lips, and constant cheating have become Tracey's way of life. Her boyfriend, Andre, has engulfed her in a twisted love triangle with his side piece, Punkin, that caused her to take their young son and go into hiding.

It's all good at first, but Tracey soon finds out that she was able to run but she definitely can't hide.




Review by: MB Crandell on Jan. 02, 2012 : star star star star star 
Excellent job on your story! It really makes you think about the choices you make. I'll be waiting to see what you write next. Thanks!



Valuable life lesson

This book is a very valuable life lesson for some women and young adults in relationships