This Enchanted Land: The Saga of Dane Wulfdin

General Fiction, Young Adult

By William Robertson

Publisher : Infinity Publishing

ABOUT William Robertson

William Robertson
I was born in 1950 in Bradford, Pennsylvania. After graduating in 1972 from Mansfield University with a BS in English, I've worked in factories, taught high school English, and run a successful house painting business. I'm also a freelance writer, and my short stories, poetry, and articles More...


Wales was the only land to totally repulse the invasions of the fierce Vikings. Dane Wulfdin finds out why when he and his crew attack Rhodri Mawr's shire to seek revenge on the Welsh leader for humiliating them in Anglesey. Rhodri's soldiers promptly ambush the Norsemen, and Dane becomes stranded in a foreboding realm filled with monsters, mayhem, and magic. The warrior makes a narrow escape from his human pursuers only to be bewitched by wicked Queen Shera. During his strange odyssey, Wulfdin also battles a dragon, a kraken, and gruesome giants. After witnessing a harrowing Druid ceremony, Dane finally cries in frustration, "Doesn't anyone live in this enchanted land that isn't huge, evil, or bellicose?" The answer is a resounding "No!" in the first collaboration between authors William P. Robertson of the United States and Fiona Ingram of South Africa. What This Enchanted Land does provide is plenty of sorcery, seduction, and intense action. David Cox's detailed period art and Robertson's stark, image-laden poetry add another aesthetic dimension to an already riveting adventure of the Dark Ages.

THIS ENCHANTED LAND grew out of the "Evil Love" story that appeared in my horror collection TERROR TIME (Infinity Publishing, 2009). So many readers loved the tale that I figured I'd expand it into a novel. Canadian editor and author, G. W. Thomas was especially supportive. I enlisted author Fiona Ingram to help me write THIS ENCHANTED LAND and artist David Cox to illustrate it. Their help was invaluable!

When I read THIS ENCHANTED LAND I was nose-to-nose with the same problem I've had with earlier Bill Robertson books, and I've read more than a dozen of them.  Like his other writings, the action is well-crafted, intensely vivid, and fast paced.  This story propelled me through the pages at breakneck speed, from one adventure to the next, leaving me with my tongue hanging out like a happy beagle after a rabbit chase.  As I read, I did not come to like Dane Wulfdin, the hero of this time travel to Viking days, but I became Dane Wulfdin.  The chronic problem?  This tale, like Robertson's others, is too soon over, and the wait for his next book will be excruciating.

Dan Day, Marketing Executive
Boonsboro, MD

David Cox's wonderful illustrations bring the magical words of this book to life as you stare into them and imagine being one of the characters described. Filled with love, despair, destruction, betrayal, and truth, this is a creative, magical work of literature to enjoy.

Dane ventures through a land filled with such enchanted beings as ogres, witches, dragons, and magic. . .Can he survive the test of will through his journey, or will he forever be damned to this enchanted land?

Michelle Lichtenfels 12/16/2010