Leonardo the Florentine

General Fiction, Young Adult, History

By Catherine Jaime

Publisher : Creative Learning Connection

ABOUT Catherine Jaime

Catherine Jaime
Homeschool Mom of 12, Teacher, Historian, and Author.  



Who are the Medici brothers?  And who is trying to assassinate them?  Why was the Pitti Palace never completed?  And what part does Leonardo play in all of this?

Leonardo da Vinci is remembered as an artist and inventor.  But who was he before anyone knew his name?  This family-friendly novel explores the history and legends of his early years in Florence.  It also weaves a mystery of politics and power.

After writing dozens of fiction books, I was encouraged to try my hand at my first novel. Having studied Leonardo da Vinci for many years, he was easy to pick for my first story. He lived a fascinating life, so it wasn't hard to write a novel around his early years!

Early reviews of the book:
"I couldn't put it down." J.M.
"What a fascinating story! It drew me in right away." B.C.

Reviews on Amazon:
"Leonardo the Florentine was a fantastic read. It encompasses everything you hope to find when you shop for historical fiction. Drawing you into Leonardo's story from the first page, this book invites you to walk a day in Leonardo's shoes. I was especially impressed with the author's talent in telling you just enough about a character, landscape or building to allow the words to come off the page in a rich imagery. All in all, this was an excellent read. I can't wait to jump into some personal research to quench the thirst the novel inspired."

"It was great fun to read this wonderful, family-friendly fiction book about Leonardo da Vinci. I have been disappointed many times before, so this was a special treat. We couldn't put it down."

"I read this book from cover to cover while waiting for a poetry reading at our library. The narrative is lively and keeps the reader's attention. I am taking a European Art History Course and was able to recognize the architecture the young Leonardo encounters. The political intrigue kept me turning pages to learn what would happen next. Can't wait to read more!"