Endure: A Novel of Revolution in China, 1946-1950

General Fiction

By Steven Molthan

Publisher : self-published

ABOUT Steven Molthan

Steven Molthan
I am an Oregonian, very committed to learning from our past--personal and cultural. I am an education professional who has also worked in the high-tech industry. Recent coursework in world history got my very interested in Chinese culture, and the wrenching changes that the 20th century, c More...



Endure is a realistic historical novel that tells the stories of several ordinary Chinese--Nationalists and Communists, as they live through the upheaval that was the Chinese Revolution. Endure makes a realistic appraisal of the hopes and disappointments of the nation of China as it navigates the shoals of mid-century political conflict.

The ancient social customs and behavioral norms of the 5000 year old nation of China as it confronts the wrenching changes brought by world war and revolution. For a free preview link to: https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1071354